Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral part of our business and culture.
For our people, our community, our seas.


The principal objective is to ensure flawless operations with zero accidents and zero pollution.

Our aim is to achieve optimum operational efficiency for our own or any third party managed fleet, while ensuring full compliance with current and upcoming international rules and regulations.


Vantage has incorporated the values of its founder into a systematic plan of contributions to support the nautical culture, to inspire the local communities on the isolated Greek islands.
Finally, to try and revive a seagoing tradition of over 2,000 years to the new generation.

Recipients of Contributions include among others:


  • Syros Nautical Club
  • Chios Nautical Club
  • Syros General Hospital
  • Municipality of the island of Astypalea
  • Hope genesis
  • Helmepa