Our experienced Chartering Department works closely with cargo traders, repeatedly procuring Contracts of Affreightment (COAs) as a stable, medium to long-term source of employment.


We have a strong expertise in working vessels in the spot market with a variety of cargoes in multiple trading routes in order to further stabilise and optimise earnings.


Our ad-Vantage stands in combining the commodity trading trends with the global demand and the geographical factors under zealous and thorough trading route diversification.


Performing business with major trading houses over the years on a repeated basis has allowed us to develop long-standing relationships.


Vantage manages a pool of over 150 seafarers on a rotational basis. This ensures a permanent and reliable source of highly trained offshore personnel supporting our fleet.


Our Manning Partners, MLC/ ISO accredit and comply with Right Ship requirements and all intentional conventions.


The employment selection depends on the successful completion the CES test (Seagull) Crew Evaluation System. Highly valued cadets are positioned to become the next Junior and Senior Officers. Following the successful completion of the CES test and consecutive promotion reports by the Master and Chief Engineer, the seafarer is promoted in ranking.


The performance of our crew is regularly monitored by our onshore office staff that visits the fleet constantly to ensure an unbiased evaluation.


Commitment to our offshore employees:

Transparent promotion policy

Performance bonus granted to most valuable seafarers during employment


What distinguishes Vantage from its peers is the outstanding loss prevention record which has reinforced the development of strong relationships with our Insurance partners.


Our technical department has performed a large volume of:


Maintenance & Repairs
Ship inspections & Surveys
Newbuilding Project Management
The Technical Department ensures that our vessels are maintained to the highest standard, through regular reporting and on-board inspections.

Third Party

Vantage has a strong and undisrupted track record of providing third party technical and commercial management.


We continue to manage vessels on behalf of investors or partners with extremely transparent monitoring and reporting procedures in place, with a vested interest to perform to the highest standard.


Dozens of vessels have been successfully managed.


“Since inception and up to this day, Vantage maintains the capacity to form projects that provide suitable risk-adjusted return to investors or partners on top of providing efficient and reliable management services.”